ySafe offers a variety of educational workshops on the topic of social media and cyber safety.
See below for an overview of the topics that are offered in each workshop.

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We offer a wide range of workshops for students, starting from presentations from primary school students, through to middle and upper school students. All workshops are adapted so the content remains age appropriate. Our workshops aim to engage students in a way that encourages them to think critically about the online world, and offers easy to understand strategies on how to have fun online while remaining cautious and safe about potential problems that they may be faced with. Student sessions are structured to run over 45-60 minute sessions, and cover topics such as:

                            • Cyber safety and online predators

                            • How to be a responsible online citizen

                            • Privacy settings and stranger danger

                            • Cyber bullying and trolling

                            • 'Think before you post'

                            • Sexting & the law (older students only)

                            • Digital footprints and accountability

                            • Where to seek help when needed

If there is a topic that is of specific interest to your school, and is not listed above, please let us know and we will tailor a presentation to meet your requirements.

Parent workshops aim to address information relating to current trends in social media, and provide parents insight into what their children are doing online. Our presentations are designed to be informative and practical, and will provide parents with strategies for online behaviour management that can be implemented immediately. 

Parent workshops are structured to run over 1 or 2 hour sessions. See below for a list of presentation topics that are offered.

                            • Cyber safety and online predators

                            • Social Media 101- Current trends on popular sites including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc

                            • What kids are doing online that they don't want their parents to know

                            • Strategies for online behaviour management

                            • Privacy settings

                            • Sexting & the law

                            • Pornography

                            • Cyber bullying

                            • Gaming

                            • How to set boundaries around technology

                            • Social media and mental health issues

We provide strategic and informative training sessions for school staff and teachers, and aim to discuss key factors around social media and cyber safety that schools are frequently faced with. Our presentations for schools can be delivered in staff meetings, or in a broader training session context. We also provide consultation services to help schools identify and address issues around incident management or policy development.

                            • Social Media 101

                            • Common issues associated with social media, including broader psychological or social issues

                            • Key cyber safety principles to teach students.

                            • Cyber bullying- prevention and intervention

                            • Sexting and the law

                            • Incident management

                            • Whole-school management strategies

                            • Individual management strategies

                            • Incorporating cyber safety principles into lesson planning

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