social media &
cyber safety experts

From an experienced team of psychologists and education specialists, ySafe is one of the lead organisations in Australia offering education and strategies for managing cyber safety in schools, homes, and workplaces.

Certified Online
Safety Program Providers

We are proud to be certified under the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner to
deliver cyber safety programs in schools across Australia.

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  • Student Education

    ySafe provides student information workskhops, covering key cyber safety principles and promoting positive online behavours.

  • School Support

    ySafe offers consultation to schools regarding incident management, staff up-skilling, targeted educational programs and
    one-on-one intervention with students.

  • Parent Education

    ySafe delivers parent information sessions  covering key cyber safety points and practical strategies for online behavior management.

  • Conflict Mediation

    ySafe offers support to schools to manage incidents that have occured, and provide intervention and mediation for students and parents.

  • Reputation Assessments

    ySafe delivers comprehensive assessments and reports about online reputations for schools and businesses, including suggestions for reputation management.

  • Workplace Training

    ySafe provides training for professional online conduct, targeted at employees and management in schools and businesses. ySafe also offers teacher-specific training.

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