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We are

Educating over 600,000 students every year, ySafe's award-winning team provides cyber safety education and support to hundreds of schools across Australia.

Our leading approach to cyber safety

ySafe's holistic and engaging cyber safety programs and services equip school communities to thrive in the online world. Click below to see more about how we can empower your school or organisation.


Our Digital Essentials Program provides a compact and impactful whole-school approach to digital wellbeing. These one-day programs focus on equipping and empowering school communities in their online safety journey.

Digital Empowerment Program

The Digital Empowerment Program is the ultimate solution for schools seeking a comprehensive and transformative
whole-school approach to digital wellbeing. This two-day program is strategically designed to equip and empower school communities in their online safety journey.



The Digital Impact Program is a unique 3-year offering, fusing world-leading, in-person cybersafety education with a modular, curriculum-aligned course designed to leverage social and emotional learning to help students develop their digital life skills. 

Programs & Sessions

At ySafe, we fully recognise that each school might want to take a slightly different approach to engage in cybersafety education. In addition to our standard expert programs, we’re more than happy to help each school create a bespoke program of sessions that addresses your unique needs.

PAT - Iona Presentation College 2022 - Year 8 Students

We are known for our experienced team of child psychologists, former police officers and teachers who specialise in digital safety 

ySafe’s award-winning team of cyber safety experts have provided online safety education to more than 1 million students across Australia.

Discover our Online Safety Hub

Developed by our team of cyber safety experts, the cyber safety hub has been designed to help schools support students and their parent community navigate the complexities of the online world.

The Digital Experts Academy is here

Gamified, student-centric learning that’s already making a BIG IMPACT. Discover this new evidence-based digital safety certificate course for students across Years 3 - 6.

So, who are ySafe Partner schools?

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