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Build Your Own
Cyber Safety Package

You know what your school needs better than anyone.
So, we created a 'Build Your Own' option to ensure that you can tailor a package that fits perfectly for your school.

How does it work? 

Building your own package is simple, and the best part? There's no additional cost! Here's how it works:

1. Select Your

Whether you'd like a single session parent session, or multiple student sessions, you select the sessions you'd like & for what year groups. 

2. Select Your

Select from our range of additional school resources, such as our policy package, online safety framework or our curriculum-linked lesson plans. 

3. We'll Send You the Information

Once you've selected your options, we will put together a quote for your unique package. Building your own package is obligation free, so you're free to book or abandon your selections.

"The ySafe Program was enormously successful & the Executive Team are extremely pleased."
Pittwater House, NSW