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Online Safety & Digital Wellbeing Training for Child-Focussed Organisations| 

Training Options

We offer three workshop topics that cover fundamental cyber safety information across various workplace contexts and needs:


A Day in the Life of a Digital Native


60 minutes

This session is designed to help health professionals & youth workers step into the shoes of young people and understand the impact that social media & technology plays in their lives. Exploring topics like cyberbullying and sexting, attendees will gain insight into how people interact and build relationships in the digital world.


Supporting Young People with Gaming 'Addiction'

Mental Health

60 minutes

Designed for allied health professionals, clinicians and support workers who are engaging therapeutically with young people, this session provides an overview of how to structure intervention for young people with excessive gaming behaviours. This session is delivered directly by our lead gaming expert & Clinical Psychologist.


Online Safety in Child Safe Organisations


60 minutes

The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations are the guiding standard for organisations who seek to adopt a culture of safety when working with children. Relating specifically to online safety, Principle 8 requires child-focussed organisations to ensure that online safety is prioritised and opportunities for harm are minimised.


Our Clients

We are proud to have presented our sessions at the following organisations:

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