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Employee Wellbeing Sessions

Our cutting-edge sessions are designed to address fundamental cyber safety and wellbeing topics that are affecting Australian employees and businesses. We aim to influence positive changes in tech-related behaviours, empower employees to support their own digital wellbeing, and help corporate organisations boost productivity via the promotion of healthy cyber practices.

Topics We Offer

Our sessions have been designed to empower employees in their knowledge around technology management, and its impact on their daily lives. Practical and solutions based, we take the guesswork out of their digital lives, leaving them confident, equipped, and focused on the job at hand.


Setting up a Cyber Safe Home: Addressing the parenting digital dilemma- how do I keep my kids safe online? 

Developed with an appreciation of the complexities of parenting in the digital age, this session provides parents with realistic and digestible online safety information. We deliver strategy-rich and practical content that can be implemented immediately to promote safer online environments for children.


Hacking Digital Distractions: How our devices are monopolizing our attention and what we can do to harness our tech-behaviour to improve productivity.

This session exposes the psychological tricks used to exploit our attention and wellbeing, and offers practical tips that can boost productivity, promote focus and encourage online wellbeing.


The Power of Personal Branding: Harnessing the Power of Employee Online reputations in Bolstering Company Brand.

In this session, we put employees in the driver’s seat, harnessing the power of their own online brand. By maximising the power of their online reputations and mitigating potentially damaging online reputational risks, we help companies capitalise on the talent economy of their employees and their executive in championing their company brand.

Where We've Presented

We've proudly presented our employee information sessions at the following organisations:

" -Her presentation culminated in the most positive feedback we have ever had from any external speaker that has fronted our staff."
Nicole Kidd, Managing Director | RBC Capital Markets

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