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Our cutting-edge sessions are designed to address fundamental cyber safety and wellbeing topics that are affecting Australian employees and businesses. 

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About our sessions

We aim to influence positive changes in tech-related behaviours, empower employees to support their own digital wellbeing, and help corporate organisations boost productivity via the promotion of healthy cyber practice.


Session Overview

We offer three workshop topics, showcasing vital wellbeing and safety information that addresses the diverse needs of twentieth century employees. 


Digital Wellbeing


60 minutes

Technology has blurred the lines between our work and personal lives, but does that actually impact our wellbeing & productivity? Delivered by specialist clinical psychologists, this session explores the psychology of technology and discusses how apps, communication platforms, and the attention economy can influence our behaviour and impact our wellbeing, covering strategies for improvement.


Privacy & Security

Cyber Security

60 minutes

This session takes a new spin on cyber security, using real-life case studies to discuss the intricacies of catfishing, social engineering, and online extortion. We unpack the emotional and psychological tricks that scammers use to exploit vulnerabilities and capitalise on human behaviour, and provide strategies to protect your privacy, enhance personal safety, and boost your personal brand. 


Cyber Safe Homes


60 minutes

For organisations supporting staff personal wellbeing, this popular session explores cyber safety issues being faced by kids & teens, and provides parents with practical and easy-to-implement strategies for setting up a cyber safe home. Covering key topics such as cyberbullying, gaming & screen time, this strategy-rich and engaging session is delivered by our award-winning team of cyber safety experts.


Our Clients

We've proudly presented at the following organisations:


Each session typically runs for between 50-60 minutes, however we are able to tailor sessions to be shorter or longer depending on your needs.

Yes, absolutely! We usually allow for 10-15 minutes of questions within the presentation time.

We are happy to accommodate both online and face-to-face sessions. We have staff located in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne who are able to attend your workplace in person. Alternatively, we can offer online webinar style sessions to your staff.

We have a presentation slide deck for each of our sessions. If presenting in person, we appreciate access to a projector, projector screen and sound equipment. If presenting online, we will work with you in using a webinar platform and present our slide deck online.

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