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Cyber Safety Experts

Educating over 300,000 students every year, ySafe's award-winning team provides
cyber safety education and support to hundreds of schools across Australia.


ySafe is a Trusted eSafety Provider

Trusted eSafety Providers are quality online safety education providers who have had their online safety content endorsed by
The Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

We are proud to be Australia's leading
cyber safety education provider.

In over 300 schools across Australia, our innovative cyber safety education is just the start of what we provide to schools. Here's what we are known for: 

Delivered by our expert team of psychologists, ex-police officers and ICT teachers, our strategy-rich sessions focus on the social & psychological components of cyber safety and digital wellbeing.

Our policies are comprehensive and positive-behaviour focussed series of resources, and are adaptable to phone ban schools or personal ICT-allowed schools.  


Engaging and curriculum-linked Education Program, complete with teacher resources and lesson plans for Foundation - Year 10, accessed via our Online Resource Hub.

This tool provides an overview of their cyber safety strengths and provides practical suggestions to address areas of improvement.

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