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Cyber Safety Education

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Our Program is

Why is the
program different?

Developed by our award-winning team of cyber safety experts, our Education Program is much-needed departure from basic 'question and answer' style learning, and aims to immerse students into topics related to cyber safety in an interesting, modern and engaging way.

No other education program in Australia has been developed by culminating the unique insights of all cyber-safety related disciplines, including child psychologists, teachers and ex-police officers. 

About The Program

Our student-centric program is an innovative resource for school's who wish to teach cyber safety in the classroom. The unique attributes of the program are:


Scope and Sequence

Students often learn the same cyber safety messages each year, quickly become desensitized to the important messages. The program is centred around a complete cyber safety scope and sequence for primary and secondary students
(F-10), with lessons progressing over the student's lifespan to promote reinforced learning. 


Modernised Lessons with a
Social & Emotional Focus

Teaching cyber safety is not as simple as telling kids that cyber bullying hurts others. Our program uses student-centric language and references current platforms (such as Tik Tok) to focus on the behavioural, social and emotional components of cyber safety, promoting critical thinking & problem-solving.


Curriculum-Linked Lessons &
All Teacher Resources

All lesson plans are linked to the Digital Technologies and Health & Physical Education learning areas, and outline Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. All teaching and learning resources are built into the program, including guidance and support notes for staff, accessible to all staff via a simple online platform.

"The digital education curriculum was extremely effective, easy to implement and the students and staff found it extremely innovative. We loved how ySafe used language that kids related to in the lessons, as well as creative ways to teach subjects where kids feel they "know it all." It has had real impact for our students, and staff found it particularly easy to use as they accessed it all via the ySafe partner schools platform online."

Lorna Probst - Head of College, Pittwater House


Enquire About
The Program

If you'd like to receive further information about our Education Program, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will send you additional information

If you would like to pair the lesson plans with face-to-face sessions with our experts, you may want to look at our School Packages. Click here to be taken to the page. 

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