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See below for our solutions to assist with managing risks associated with online learning and increased access to technology.

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Addressing New Cyber Safety Challenges:
Remote Learning & Increased Technology Access 

With schools planning their responses to the current health crisis, they will face issues related to increased student access to technology and may need to address risks associated with devices that are not managed by the school's safe network when moving to remote learning.

In order to support the potential transition to at-home learning and increased need for education about online safety practises, we have adapted our existing solutions to fit the immediate needs of schools to allow for efficient roll-out, and support schools for accessible use by subsidising our existing cost of access to these tools.

Induction Package
Online Learning Inductions & Parent Portal

To help schools meet the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and support Duty of Care with the prospect of remote online learning, we have developed a short online induction for students and parents. The Induction Package has been designed to reinforce the school's ICT policy and Code of Conduct for students, and support parents in creating a cyber safe learning environment for their children. 

The engaging induction videos have been developed and delivered by our nationally-acclaimed team of cyber safety experts. Furthermore, the resources have been structured to be in accordance with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations Principal 8, thereby mitigating risks posed by organisation settings when enforcing child safety practices (8.2 & 8.3).


What's Included in the Induction Package?


Student Inductions

The Induction is designed to reinforce the school's expectations for student online behaviours and conduct, promoting ICT compliance. Each module includes an explanation video and a quiz to assess learning. Each student receives a certificate on successful completion.


Insights App

To help parents stay up-to-date on current cyber safety risks, all parents within the school community will receive free access to the Family Zone Insights app. In partnership with Family Zone, this monitoring app allows ySafe's experts to send parents direct updates when their child has accessed something risky online.


Parent Inductions & Portal

The ySafe Parent Portal and Online Learning Induction includes 4 video modules, covering key topics such as how to setup devices to be safe, and managing online safety issues such as cyberbullying. The Parent Portal includes step-by-step instructions on setting up devices, and additional information on cyber safety topics.

Implementation & Cost

Our team will coordinate all of the instructions and information to be sent to parents. There are no ICT requirements. All information can be accessed by links we will distribute directly to you.

Access to the Insights app is made available to parents on an opt-in basis, therefore requiring no technical requirements or setup by the school.

Access to the Induction Program and Insights is $1 per student. We have versions for secondary students and primary students.

There are no requirements around minimum or maximum number of student registrations.

Given the need for urgency, we will expedite the process by providing access and will organise financials at a later date. We are happy to work with you around budget restraints and offset any costs until the next financial year, whatever is best for working within your needs.

What Our Clients Say


Pittwater House

"The online learning induction modules really helped ease the transition to remote learning for our school. The modules allowed us to cover essential duty of care issues, they were simple and easy to follow, and covered key areas like appropriate online behaviour and our school expectations when it comes to remote learning for students."

Lorna Probst - Head of the Girls' College


Sophia Neal

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Managing Director

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