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Practical, engaging & strategy-rich

Delivered to over 200,000 parents Australia-wide, our sessions are designed to equip families with the fundamental information about how to achieve cyber safety at home.

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About Our Sessions 

Developed with an appreciation of the complexities of parenting in the digital age, we provide parents with realistic, digestible, and engaging cyber safety education sessions.

Filled with real-world and relevant information, these sessions provide strategy-rich and practical content that can be implemented immediately to promote safer online environments.

Topics We Cover

We offer sessions running from 60 minutes to two hours.
The content that we cover in our standard one-hour session is:


Social Media Platforms

We discuss the most popular social media platforms that children & teens are using, exploring exactly what parents need to know about these apps


Gaming & Screen Time

Referencing credible peer-reviewed research, we explore recommendations about screen time and gaming, and strategies to implement these.


How to Setup a Cyber Safe Home

Based on our simple & effective model, we provide parents with step-by-step instructions on how they can achieve cyber safety in their home.

+ All parents receive access to our follow-up resources

We provide all attendees with access to an exclusive area of our website that hosts our 'Parent's Guide to Cyber Safety' and additional helpful resources such as our Digital Contract.

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What have parents said about our sessions?

Here's a quick snapshot of the feedback we've received from parents following our session.
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"This was the most useful and interesting presentation that I have attended on anything. The information provided was the most sensible, practical and realistic advice that I have received during any parenting session that I have attended."
Parent- Pittwater House

Said that they benefited from the session 


Said that they felt more confident in managing technology
after the session


Said that they would recommend the session to other parents


Would you like student sessions too?

We offer education packages for schools that would like to hold sessions for the broader school community.

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