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Cyber Safety Policy

A strong, proactive policy is the foundation of promoting a school culture of cyber safety.

Why our Policy is Different

Having reviewed hundreds of school ICT and cyber safety policies across Australia, we developed a policy that addressed the fundamental shortcomings all most ICT policies. This is what's different about our policy:


Developed by Cyber Safety

Our policy reflects the unique insights of ex-police officers, child psychologists and teachers, and reflect key cyber safety considerations under each profession.


Learning Resources to Promote Education & Engagement

We believe that education is the foundation of behaviour-change.
Our policy suite comes with a number of resources such as learning plans and digital contracts for parents to use at home.



Our policy is structured in a way that promotes the positive use of technology. The policy covers technical use and online behaviours written with positive-objectives instead of punitive clauses. 


Options for Schools to Tailor to their Needs

Policies should not be 'one-size-fits-all' policy. Therefore, we have structured our policy with options, and schools can remove those that don't apply to them. This is helpful for schools with personal phone bans or restricted use.


What is the Cyber Safety Policy?

The Cyber Safety Policy Suite is a series of individual documents that cover all facets of cyber safety and device management within the school. The policy suite also includes education resources to promote engagement and uptake of the policy within the school community.

Why did we write it this way?
The Cyber Safety Policy has been developed as a comprehensive policy suite that is compliant with regulatory guidelines and provides up-to-date information on cyber safety risks, trends and features.

However, the major strength of the policy is the focus on education and engagement. The Cyber Safety Policy has been developed to promote a school culture of positive online behaviours, incorporating lesson plans and education resources to involve students and engage parents. 

What's included in
the Policy?

The Cyber Safety policy includes a number of individual documents that can be implemented individually or as the complete suite in its entirety. All policies include options that schools can choose to keep or remove to reflect their cyber safety ideology.
The policy suite includes ALL of the following documents and resources:

ICT User

An up-to-date and comprehensive policy covering nuances of social media and online behaviours such as cyberbullying, geolocation and hot-spotting.

Personal Mobile Device Policy

A fully-adjustable mobile phone policy that provides school options for managing personal devices at school, including options about complete bans, restricting phones or 'out of sight' clauses.


A standardised privacy policy that reflects the most recent compliance standards for managing student data, including updates to notifiable breaches requirements.

Online Hub

All documents can be easily accessed online via the ySafe Hub, helping staff access policies, lesson plans and parent resources efficiently and when needed.


Lesson plans for primary and secondary teachers to help staff positively engage students in the development and understanding of the cyber safety policy.

Parent Information Letter

An amendable letter sent from the school to the parent community, outlining the school's objectives & goals for online safety.


Digital contracts for both parents and staff to use with students. Contracts can be used at home or within the classroom.

Compliance Guidelines

An overview of the relevant compliance requirements within Australia and how each policy document addresses these.

Enquire about the Policy

If you would like to receive more information about the policy or to obtain a quote, please contact us via the form below.