Helpful Resources

See below for our tried-and-tested recommendations for helpful cyber safety tools for Australian families.

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The ySafe Cyber Hub

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Our free hub will provide parents access to our up-to-date reviews on games, social media platforms and websites, including need-to-know information about cyber topics such as cyberbullying and screen time. Stay tuned!

Useful Tools

See below for our recommendations for helpful cyber safety tools for Australian families.


Parental Control Tool:
Family Zone

Family Zone is one of the world's leading tools for parents to manage their child's online behaviour. Family Zone allows parents to set bedtimes for kids, restrict access to social media platforms, and filter inappropriate content. Unlike many other similar tools, Family Zone settings remain applied outside of the home.

In additional to practical settings and filters, parents also receive expert advice from industry specialists, providing information on the latest apps, sites and trends that all parents need to be aware of, plus custom designed age-appropriate settings for each individual child.


Location Tracking Tool:
Life 360

Life360 is a free platform that helps keep families connected. Parents can use the app to make phone calls and send text messages to kids, but Life360 goes beyond that to make sure parents know what's going on with their family at all times.

Parents can check in on kids by viewing their locations on a private map. which has proven invaluable to many parents of primary and pre-teen aged children. Parents love that they don't need to call or text their child, just check up on them in the app. It's a good way to make sure they made it to a friend's place or football training safely. 

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