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Hello. We're ySafe.

Given the unquestionable importance of cyber safety in our households, schools and workplaces, we share with you the essential things you need to know about Australia’s leading (and most unique) cyber safety educators.

1. We are the leading cyber safety experts in Australia

Our team of experts have delivered cyber safety education to over 350,000 students and 200,000 parents Australia-wide. In over 400 schools, we are Certified by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner to deliver a holistic approach to online safety and digitial citizenship, including face-to-face education, policies and lesson plans. 

2. We’re a unique taskforce of Clinical Psychologists, Ex-Police Officers and Teachers (and digital natives!)


A Psychologist, Police Officer and Teacher walk into a bar…. (just kidding). Cyber safety truly involves so many disciplines. The police officers who are fighting against online predators and enforcing sexting laws. The psychologists who are working with kids on excessive gaming and trauma from cyberbullying. The teachers who 

are hands-on in the classroom who are helping kids learn vital online safety skills.

No one discipline fully understands the scope of cyber safety, but together they have powerful insights to draw upon, holistically meeting the variety of needs that families, schools and organisations have. 

We have become Australia’s leading cyber-safety educators for a reason, and our unique disciplinary blend is undoubtedly a main contributor. 

3. We have a pro-technology focus

Technology is an important and inevitable part of all young people’s lives. To scare students, families or staff into thinking that the online world is a treacherous place that should be avoided is a stress-inducing and counterproductive message.


It is imperative to us that our information is evidence-based, practical and empowering. We have built our solid reputation on our pro-technology ethos, helping all Australians learn how to maximise the benefits of technology and social media while providing practical strategies to mitigate the risks.

Our tech-positive approach is a refreshing departure from traditional cyber safety education, and our focus on the social and behavioural elements of cyber safety makes us notably unique (and has helped us win a few awards). 

4. Yes…. We’ve won awards

Our team of nationally-recognised cyber safety experts have received multiple recognitions for the pioneering work they have contributed to the field of cyber safety. Most notably, our founder, Jordan Foster, was named the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Award Winner and received the 2018 WA Young Achiever Award for starting ySafe, receiving public acknowledgement for our innovative contribution to cyber safety education. 

Cyber safety has never been more important. And we are here to help.

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