Parent Resources

Thanks for attending our cyber safety education session.
It's a pleasure to now welcome you to the nation-wide community of over 250,000 parents who have attended our workshops.

As we discussed during the session, we are happy to provide you with
follow-up resources to help you along on your cyber safety journey


Family Help Centres

The ySafe Cyber Hub

Coming Soon!

Our free hub will provide parents access to our up-to-date reviews on games, social media platforms and websites, including need-to-know information about cyber topics such as cyberbullying and screen time. Stay tuned!

So you've attended our session.
How do you stay up-to-date?

Knowing that you might be thinking this, we have put together a tutorial series for you, to help you stay connected with us and to provide you with even more information about important cyber safety topics.
If you'd like to sign up to our tutorial series, or you'd like to be informed when our Cyber Hub is live please fill in your details below.