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Thanks for attending our cyber safety education session.
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As we discussed during the session, we are happy to provide you with
follow-up resources to help you along on your cyber safety journey.

Social Media Family Help Centres

Useful Websites for Parents
See below for a number of useful websites that were mentioned throughout the information session. 


We like it for: Informative resources for parents, and reporting functions for cyber bullying and illegal content.

media time calculator

We like it for: This calculator assesses how much time kids of certain ages should spend on their devices.  


We like it for: Up-to-date reviews and information about the latest games, apps, YouTubers and more.

apple restrictions

We like it for: Step-by-step instructions on how to implement restrictions on Apple devices..

playstation controls

We like it for: Information on how to implement the in-built parental controls on Playstation consoles.

xbox controls

We like it for: Information on how to implement the in-built parental controls on Xbox consoles.

You've attended our session.
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Knowing that you might be thinking this, we have put together a tutorial series for you, to help you stay connected with us and to provide you with even more information about important cyber safety topics.

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blog posts

You've had an introduction to cyber safety, though you may be wanting further information now.  For additional pointers about cyber bullying, games, and other online risks, visit our blog library.

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tools for parents

Setting up a cyber safe home is not a one-step task. Fortunately, parents are not alone in trying to solve their online challenges. See our resources page for additional tools that help parents manage their kids' online world.