Sessions for
Primary Students

Developed by our award-winning team, our student education sessions are dynamic and engaging, teaching students in an interactive way how they can make cyber-smart choices.

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About the Sessions

Our Kindergarten - Year 6 sessions have been developed to educate students about the fundamental components of cyber safety. We offer developmentally-appropriate sessions which target the prominent cyber risks and digital platforms in given year groups.

We emphasise the constructive relationship children can have with technology under our positive digital citizenship ethos, and upskill students in understanding the importance of and ways to implement safe online practices.

Our Standard Session covers:

Online ‘Stranger Danger’ & Catphishing 

We explore the many types of people on the internet, and highlight the need for online safety (catphishing for older
students only).

Protecting Personal Information

We discuss what information is safe and unsafe to post online, including privacy settings and
 how information can
be shared online.

Cyberbullying & Online Etiquette

We explore compassionate communication online, including strategies for managing cyberbullying and where to
seek help.

Staying Safe

We cover additional strategies for staying safe online, including safe online gaming practices, geolocation tracking and age-restrictions on social media.

Feedback from Students

Making an impact is important to us. We assessed the effectiveness of our programs by collecting and assessing pre & post feedback data from primary-aged students. This is what they reported:


Students reported feeling less likely to cyberbully after the session

Students reported that they believed all students their age should receive ySafe education


Of students displayed increased knowledge about safe online gaming

Expert speakers AND
in-class learning have the greatest impact.

Our research shows that cyber safety education sessions have the greatest impact when used in conjunction with our lesson plans. Click to learn more about our
Education Packages.

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