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Online Safety Training for young people living with disability and their support networks

Implementing accessible online safety learning resources is key to empowering young people with disability.

Supporting children and adults with disability

At ySafe, we’re proud to have partnered with Interaction Disability Services to launch this free training resource for young people and their families living with disability. This program has been generously funded by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

The Online Safety Training aims to minimise the disproportionate online harms faced by young Australians living with intellectual disability when accessing the internet and to ensure parents, carers and educators are well-placed to support them.

My thoughts ... was that it literally describes me. The fun part of why I go on the internet.


Designed to address specific issues that disproportionately harm young people with disability, such as online scams, cyberbullying and online relationships.

This resource can be easily implemented in classroom settings or at home, and equips young people with disability with skills for identifying and overcoming online risks to foster equitable participation in the online world. With practical strategies and advice, this training elevates young people with disability's knowledge and confidence in dealing with online environments, and their parents and carers ability to support them in their online journey.

Are you a teacher? Ensure your students' online safety education starts early.