About Us

Culminating insights from clinical child & adolescent psychologists, ex-police officers
and teachers, ySafe's award-winning team of cyber safety experts have provided online safety education to over 350,000 students across Australia. 

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ySafe is a Trusted eSafety Provider

Trusted eSafety Providers are quality online safety education providers who have had their online safety content endorsed by
The Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

Our History

Since our inception in 2013, ySafe has become Australia's leading provider of cyber safety education. We are known for our eclectic team of child psychologists, ex-police officers and teachers who specialise in cyber safety.

ySafe was founded in response to growing concerns amongst parents and school communities regarding children’s online activities, and the increasing prominence of technology-related developmental and behavioural issues. ySafe's approach has also been one of a pro-technology ethos, uniquely focussing on the social & emotional components of cyber safety and online behaviours.

Originally founded by psychologists, the need was identified for a multidisciplinary approach to cyber safety education and management. With that, our team expanded to include clinical psychologists, ex-police officers and teachers who are leaders in the field of cyber safety and social media. Our combined experience in child development, research, policing, and classroom contexts has provided us with a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that participating in a digital environment presents to students, parents, and schools.  









Our Team

Our award-winning team are made up of a task-force of nationally-recognised cyber safety experts. 
ySafe boasts an eclectic mix of disciplines, including psychologists, law enforcers, primary & secondary teachers and child development specialists.

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Taryn Wren

Executive Director
Secondary Educator (ICT)

Jordan Foster

Managing Director
Clinical Psychologist

Yasmin London

Executive Director
Ex-Police Officer

Rebecca Jeffrey

School Engagement Coordinator & Facilitator

Chantelle Mactaggart

Regional Program Coordinator
& Facilitator (WA)

Liz Wheeldon

Partnerships Manager
& Facilitator (VIC)

Kizzy Nanik

National Programs
Manager (Indonesia)

David Smith

Program Facilitator

Gina Steinberg

Program Facilitator

Monique Isabelle

Program Facilitator

More about our Executive Team

Yasmin London

Executive Director

Jordan Foster

Founder | Managing Director

Taryn Wren

Executive Director

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