Secondary Student Workshops

"The sessions have changed the way I talk about cyberbullying with my students."

Teacher - Woodvale Secondary College

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Secondary Student Workshops

Our standard secondary student workshops cover four key cyber safety topics.


This interactive section encourages students to reflect on how their personality types influence the way they respond to cyberbullying, helpful conflict-management strategies & positive bystander behaviour.

Nudes &
the Law

We explore of the laws around 'sexting' and non-consensual sharing of nudes. We discuss the broader social and emotional impacts of distribution, and provide strategies to manage inappropriate requests & peer pressure.

Online Wellbeing
& Screen Time

Looking at the 'brain-hacks' developers use to draw us in to technology, we explore the importance of managing screen time, including the impact on study distraction and sleep, excessive gaming, digital validation and self-esteem.

Digital Footprint & Online Reputation 

We discuss the concept of online reputations and personal branding, challenging students to think about perception, explore the impact on university and job prospects, and provide strategies for harnessing a positive online image.

"Engaging, interesting and refreshing. ySafe's sessions for secondary students is a much-need departure from traditional cyber safety education. Instead, social media and cyber safety were addressed with a tech-positive approach, with an obvious focus on the social and behavioural experiences of the students. A perfectly pitched cyber safety talk. The students loved it. Thanks again".

Teacher - Swan View Senior High School

Topic-Specific Sessions

These one-hour sessions cover in-depth information about the focus topics listed below:
Note: Availability of these topics may vary in different states.

We know that students are bored of the 'don't cyberbully' messages. We want students engaged in the cyberbullying message, so we have made this session a little different!

This interactive session encourages students to reflect on how their personality types influence the way they respond to cyberbullying, what their weaknesses are and how they can harness the strengths of their personalities to manage cyberbullying constructively and be a positive bystander to negative online interactions.

This interesting session explores the ways in which game developers have intentionally designed their games to maintain our attention and get us to play more. Exploring the many 'brain hacks' developers are adopting within their platforms, students learn about how their favourite games and social media platforms may be drawing them in, and how they can tame their tech habits. This session is not designed to tell kids not to game. It's intended to empower students to understand their tech habits and make healthy, informed choices about their screen usage.

This session is brilliant (if we do say so ourselves!). In this workshop, we help students explore how far their digital footprint can spread, and encourage students to consider how different people's perspectives and interpretations of online content will influence their online reputation. Like all of our sessions, we adopt a pro-technology approach, and teach students how they can harness the positive power of their digital footprints. This session is a great focus for Year 7 students starting out their digital lives, or Year 12 students when cleaning up their personal brands in preparation for their next steps.

We explore nudes in the context of several 'real-life' stories, and encourage students to consider the risks of 'sexting' and how private content can be distributed even when steps are taken to protect the content. We avoid the victim-blaming message, and encourage students to respond constructively and respectfully if they are bystanders to a 'nude scandal'. We discuss the law in Australia, including the penalties for 'Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images'. Our suggestions for non-awkward ways to say no to sending nudes is a favourite of students.

Similar to the session above, this session focuses on the distribution of nude images and the laws that are applicable to explicit content. This session goes further into covering pornography, and discusses how pornography can skew our understanding of respectful relationships. This workshop is not designed to 'tell kids off', but to encourage students to reflect upon the impacts of pornography on body image, violence and personal boundaries. Even surprising to us, student feedback on this session has been overwhelmingly positive.

Blowing the lid on secrets of social media, we help students understand the impact that social media posts can have on their wellbeing, and how to design their feeds to bolster their self-esteem instead of bruising it. We explore little tricks that social media platforms use to help drive user engagement, and how this impacts the way we interact with our socials. We promote positive screen habits and teach students how to identify when social media is helping them or hindering them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sessions are designed to run for 60 minutes, however we will adapt our content to fit neatly into the school's predetermined class times or periods. The minimum time that we would recommend is 40 minutes.

We don't have a minimum or a maximum number of students per session! The smallest group we have facilitated to is 4 students, with the largest group being 600!

Weird question, sure! But cyber safety is often seen as a 'lame' topic for students. Based on our research (pre & post surveys), 96% of students said they thought that all students should receive education from ySafe

Our sessions are designed to be developmentally targeted to certain year groups. Our sessions are grouped into a Year 7/8 session, Year 9/10 session, and a Year 11/12 session. In some circumstances, we can run three year groups in one session. Please let us know if you'd like more than two year groups in a session

Why are our sessions different?

Our secondary student sessions are known for their affirmative and psychological spin on cyber safety.

Our goal is to empower young people to make smart choices online, and to thrive in the digital world, not just survive.

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