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Want to know what other's have said about us?

Our reputation is renowned for our positive social & emotional approach to cyber safety, our rich and practical sessions and our engaging expert presenters. See below to see what other's have had to say about working with us.

Testimonials from Schools


Principal - Reddam House

'‘Yasmin has presented on many “law” topics (including cyber safety) to the students of the school. Her empathetic, engaging nature and confident presenting style has resonated with our students. Hot topics where teenagers often have a “know it all” attitude, Yasmin has handled with care and shown a thorough topical knowledge. This has translated in students accepting information from her, to which they responded appropriately. She has had great success at Reddam as a presenter, to what is often a very critical audience.’'


Teacher - Woodvale Secondary College

"While I thought your presentation to the students was excellent and the messages were delivered at a level that was both engaging and accessible to the students, it is the residual conversations that have occurred since the session that I wanted to email you about.

We've had talks about cyberbullying in the past, however, your fresh delivery of the message and the interactive, personalisation of the message has had a noticeable influence on the conversations between students about negative online interactions. This session has changed the way that I am talking about cyberbullying and bystanders, and it has clearly resonated with the students. Thank you for an outstanding presentation." 


KidsMatter Action Team Leader - Serpentine Primary School

"On behalf of our school community, thank you for the cyber safety sessions. The student sessions were great and well received by the students giving them a practical process and information to keep them safe online. The Monday night presentation has proved to be a huge hit with our parents. They are in awe of what they didn’t know and really pleased to have attended and gained so much in such a small amount of time.

Your presentation was spot on to arm the parents with knowledge, ideas and strategies that they can put into place now to safeguard their children and themselves while they are online.

Your professionalism spreads across all areas of the business, ease of registration, correspondence and follow up, quality and detail of information, appropriate content for students, tone and method in the delivery of the presentation to parents and accessibility in the question session that followed.

Thank you once again to your ySafe team, for an outstanding presentation. It was very much appreciated."

Testimonials from Parents

Parent- Duncraig Senior High School

"I just wanted to thank you so much for your amazingly informative talk on Tuesday night and the resources you have provided us. Your insight and knowledge of online safety was so extensive and leading-edge. You delivered the information in an entertaining manner and we really connected with you. I came away feeling like someone has our back. It’s a scary new world, when all we want to do is give our kids the best life.

So thank you so so much for the effort and expertise you put into your work." 

Parent- Scotch College

"Jordan presented the workshop in a 'parent friendly' format covering many hot topics related to cyber safety information. It was fantastic to get extra insight into the topic by Jordan using her psychology background. The tips for how to set boundaries with your children was most helpful. It was also a bonus that Jordan was younger as she is very much 'in touch' with all of this due to her age and her profession. Well done an informative, well presented workshop.''

Parent- Helena College

"Thank you very much to all involved, for facilitating the information session last night. I very nearly didn't go …I also felt my Internet and computer knowledge was strong, and when it came to my children using social media, it was quite easy - they are not going to! (I hoped.) Boy am I glad I decided to make the effort, brave the cold and venture out, and most grateful I decided to attend with an open mind.

Thanks to a coherent and informative speaker, I left confident that (when my children are older)I that could, in fact, allow them to venture into the scary world of social media, but only because I was not doing so blindly. As Jordan said, it is not the social media that is the problem, it is the behaviour management of the uses of the social media that is the problem. This is something we can do something about now that we are tooled up."

Parent - Waverley College

"Hi Yasmin, I was at the parent session last night- it was the most useful and interesting presentation I have attended on anything, anywhere, and provided the most sensible, practical and realistic advice that I have seen presented about any other topic. Great service. I hope you guys continue to do as well and reach as many parents as possible. Your message is vitally important for Australian families."

Parent - Emmaus Catholic Primary School

"Jordan - your engaging and compassionate way of connecting with your audience is no small feat. In such a short time, you covered every concern I had as a parent, and after every point, you made you even managed to answer the immediate question that I had in my mind. You are incredibly good at what you do, and your impact will permeate through families across Australia. Thanks again for taking the time to visit us in Victoria."

Testimonials from Students

Year 8 Student - Ellenbrook Christian College

"I wanted to say thank you soo much for coming to our school yesterday. I've heard cyber safety talks before, but that was the best one I had ever had!! I was scared when I heard that we were having a talk about cyber safety, because something had recently happened to me on the internet and I was nervous about being kindaa told off. But after you came I knew exactly how to fix it. You didn't just tell everyone off, you told us what to do and how to make social media better. Thank you soooo much. All of my friends were talking about you after you left. I really want to be a psychologist now!! Thank you!!!!!!"

Year 7 Student - Mater Dei College

"Thanks for coming to our school on Monday. I was the boy who came up to you at the end telling you my story about being cyberbullied.

I just wanted to thank you for telling me what to do. It's helped so much. Some of the other kids are even sticking up for me now to.

The session was awesome. Thank you again."

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