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Education Packages

Our research indicates that both expert speakers and in-class learning have the greatest impact on cyber safety outcomes. 

We have created a unique set of packages to cover cyber safety across the entire school community. See below for more information about what's included in our packages. 

What's included in our Packages?

We offer a number of packages that suit the needs of varying size schools across Australia. See below for detailed information about what is included in each of our packages. 

This package is the ideal option for schools seeking ongoing & reinforced cyber safety education for students.

  •   Student Workshops
  • Parent Workshop
  •  Staff Workshop
  •  Cyber Safety Hub
  • Lesson Plans
This package is designed for schools who are seeking a complete solution to cyber safety within the school.

  •   Student Workshops
  •  Parent Workshop
  •  Staff Workshop
  •  Cyber Safety Hub
  •  Lesson Plans
  • ICT Policies
  • Incident Management

"The ySafe Program was enormously successful & the Executive Team are
extremely pleased & will continue using them."

Pittwater House, NSW
Solutions Package


You have the option of including 3 or 6 student sessions in your package.

The package with six sessions is designed to be delivered to a single cohort in one session (eg. Year 7's, Year 8's, Year, 9's, etc), whereas three sessions include two year group cohorts in one workshop (eg. Year 5-6 together, Year 9-10 together).

Three sessions work great for smaller schools, whereas six sessions are better for larger schools. 

The workshops are designed to run for 60 minutes.

The student workshops can be adapted to fit snuggly within your existing class period times (eg. 50 minutes).

All packages are valid for one year. Schools have the option of signing up for our Partner Schools Subscription, which provides discounts on the inclusions above.

Yes! All lesson plans are linked to the Digital Technologies and Health & Physical Education learning areas, and outline Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

All teaching and learning resources are built into the program, including guidance and support notes for staff.

Yes, absolutely! In the enquiry box below, please select if you'd like to receive a sample lesson plan, and we will be happy to send you along one.

Our Notable and Novel Approach

Here at ySafe, we believe that cyber safety education should not be reactive, but proactive. Our unique approach to cyber safety is therefore designed to provide holistic, ongoing education and management for the entire school community. Furthermore, our pro-technology ethos and social & emotional focus ensure that our message is meaningful, student-centric and engaging. 

Enquire About
Our Packages

If you'd like to receive more information about our packages, please contact us.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you with additional information about what is included in our packages, including costs, an overview of the resources and content covered in each of the workshops.

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