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Education Packages

We have created a unique set of packages to cover cyber safety across the entire school community. See below for more information about what's included in our packages. 


Our research indicates that both expert speakers and in-class learning have the greatest impact on cyber safety outcomes.

We offer a variety of packages that suit the needs of any school in Australia. See below for detailed information about what is included in each of our packages.

What's included in our Packages?

Education Package

This package is the ideal option for schools seeking a whole of school approach to cyber safety education.

  • Student Workshops
  • Parent Workshop
  • Staff Workshop
  • Online Safety Hub

Solution Package

This package is designed for schools who are seeking a comprehensive and tailored complete solution to cyber safety within the school.

  • Student Workshops
  • Parent Workshop
  • Staff Workshop
  • Online Safety Hub
  • ICT Policies
  • Incident Management

The ySafe Program was enormously successful, the Executive Team are extremely pleased and will continue using them.

Why is ySafe different?

At ySafe, we believe that cyber safety education needs to be proactive, rather than reactive. Our unique and multifaceted approach to cyber safety is therefore designed to provide holistic, ongoing education and consultation services for the entire school community. We deliver sessions with our famous pro-technology ethos, and focus on the social & emotional elements of cyber safety to ensure that our messages are meaningful, student-centric and highly engaging.


You have the option of including 3 or 6 student sessions in your package.

The Education Package includes 3 x 60 minute student sessions, delivered in stage groups, 2 year groups at a time.

Eg Yr 5 & 6 together or Yr 7 & 8 together.

The Solutions Package includes 6 x 60 minute student sessions, delivered to one year group at a time.

So, which should you go with?

We find 3 sessions are impactful for smaller schools, whereas 6 sessions for larger schools result in a more dynamic and personalised learning experience.

Timetable a little tricky?

No sweat! We can also tailor the length of our sessions for your school timetable if you need a slightly shorter session.


All packages are valid for 1 year. Schools have the option of signing up for our Digital Wellbeing School Subscription, which provides discounts on the inclusions above.

Expert speakers and in-class learning have the greatest impact.

Enquire About Our Packages

If you'd like to receive more information about our packages, please contact us.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you with additional information about what is included in our packages, including costs, an overview of the resources and content covered in each of the workshops.